Boletos de autobus

Boletos de autobús en México a diferentes ciudades, viaja con la mayor comodidad y seguridad a bordo de nuestros autobuses, que sin duda harán de tu viaje na experiencia única, adquiere tus boletos de autobús en línea de una manera muy sencilla, si necesitas ayuda sólo llámanos.

To make your trip a great experience here I give you a series of recommendations to make your trip the best:

  • Arrive 30 minutes before your trip leaves to avoid any unforeseen events.
  • Document your luggage on the platforms to expedite your departure.
  • Remember that you can carry up to 2 suitcases or packages that do not exceed 50 pounds (22.6Kg) in weight and that are not larger than 62 inches (157cm) linear. In case of exceeding the allowed measures, penalty may be charged for each pound and / or additional inch. Additional luggage will be charged according to its dimensions and weight.
  • Stay tuned for exit announcements to know where to board.
  • It is not allowed to travel with firearms or sharp objects, chemicals or flammable liquids.
  • It is not allowed to travel with pets or animals of any kind in the passenger area of the bus, with the exception of blind guide dogs.
  • Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages before or during the trip, as it is prohibited.
  • Minors must travel accompanied by an adult, otherwise they will not be able to board the bus.
  • Remember that waiting times between stops and arrival time are approximate.
  • Finally, they anticipate and buy your tickets in advance, especially if you travel during the holiday season like Easter or long bridges.
Remember that your comfort and that of other passengers is very important, so follow these recommendations and have a good trip.

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