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Pearl of the Pacific


The homeland of the aguachile, the banda music and the beer. It is “La Perla del Pacífico”: a destination that combines sun and beach with a unique beauty among the touristic destinations of Mexico.

Valentinos en Mazatlán

If you think about visiting this beautiful port, I will tell you some of the things you should not miss and which places you must visit.


To start, I recommend you take an auriga or a pulmonía (100 % traditional transportations of the port) and go along the 21 km of its pier, one of the largest in Latin America. In the northern part of the pier, you will find the La Puntilla pier, where you can take a catamarán to the Isla de la Piedra and spend the afternoon enjoying the tranquility of the beach, water sports, horseback riding or just relax.

Pulmonía en Mazatlán

Do you like seafood? If so, Mazatlan is a paradise for you: at “La Puntilla” dock, you can find the restaurant La Puntilla, where you can enjoy one of the best zarandeados fish of the region, besides enjoying the beautiful view of the pier and the lively atmosphere of the place.

Restaurante La Puntilla

You can also spend the afternoon in a quiet place and enjoy a beer with aguachile, while you contemplate the sunset by the sea, I recommend you to visit Barra al Mar.

Barra al Mar

If you like the festive atmosphere so characteristic of Mazatlan, El Sinaloense Restaurant is special: live banda music, norteño music, a wide variety of delicious dishes, is the ideal place to enjoy with family or friends.

In this beautiful port, not everything is food; I recommend you to take a tour to the Historical Center, where in each building you can discover a hidden history.

Centro Histórico de Mazatlán

One of the gems of this place is the Plazuela Machado, which is full of lights at nightfall, food, music, and, in many occasions, dances.

Centro Histórico de Mazatlán

While visiting this zone, you can not miss the opportunity to go to Olas Altas, one of the most popular beaches in the port, and find the impressive Carpa Olivera, a saltwater pool where you can spend an incredible afternoon.

Carpa Olivera

Nothing better to finish your visit to the port than visit the majestic Mazatlan Lighthouse, located at the top of Cerro del Crestón, the southern tip of the peninsula.

The lighthouse is one of the highest in Latin America and has the peculiarity of being set in an impressive natural formation, which makes it even more spectacular.

Cerro del Crestón

YYou already have an idea of what you can do in your visit to the Pearl of the Pacific.

Olas Altas Mazatlán

From now on, it is a good time to go and take your hat, sunglasses and buy your ticket in Grupo Senda for your next vacation in Mazatlan.

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