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Monterrey: "Sultana del Norte"

Passengers with destination to the city of grilled meat, Cabrito, Tigres, Rayados and Cerro de la Silla, Grupo Senda gives you the most cordial welcome to the city of Monterrey.

Maybe it's the first time you travel to this city and you don't know much about it or its places, but don't worry about that, that's why we are here for, and we will tell you about the sites, museums, and restaurants that you can not miss in your visit to this great city.

So pay close attention to the places you must go:

Parque Fundidora (Fundidora Park):

Fundidora Park

Considered as an Industrial Archeology Site Museum, it is a resting place for families and a place where you can practice sports as well. It has an art cinema room, better known as the Cinema Nuevo León, a gallery with two exhibition rooms, an interactive museum of the origin of steel in which you'll find an exhibition area and a viewpoint, where you can see the center of Monterrey.

One of the most attractive and visited sites of the Fundidora Park is the Horno3, considered the unique oven open to the public all over the world: It has a light & sound show which emulates when these machines used to melt more than 1,500 tons of iron.

Paseo de Santa Lucía (Santa Lucía Riverwalk):

Santa Lucía Riverwalk

It is an artificial river, the longest in Latin America with an extension of 2.5 kilometers that you can traverse by boat or choose the pedestrian route if you prefer to traverse it by walking. At the end of the day, you can finish your visit in "La Macroplaza", an excellent place to spend the afternoon, eat and shop, also where you will find various stores and museums that you can visit as:

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Monterrey (Museum of Contemporary Art in Monterrey):

Museum of Contemporary Art in Monterrey

Located in the "La Macroplaza", this museum has a permanent collection, mostly of contemporary Latin American paintings and its temporary exhibitions are of a very high level. Here, individual work by Mexican painters, sculptors, and architects have been presented.

Museo de Historia Mexicana (Museum of Mexican History):

Museum of Mexican History

Also located in the "La Macroplaza", in this museum you will find expositions showing the geographical environment of our country, as well as the different stages which Mexico passed through: the Viceroyalty, the 19th Century and even modern Mexico.

Planetario Alfa (Alpha Planetary):

Alpha Planetary

Located in San Pedro Garza García, this planetarium has an astronomical observatory with a 16-inch diameter telescope, a Prehispanic Garden with replicas of archaeological pieces, an Aviary and a Science Garden with didactic games. In one of its buildings is located the Pavilion "El Universo" which in turn contains the monumental stained glass window created by the artist Rufino Tamayo, "El Universo", made in glass with a surface area of almost 58 square meters.

As you will surely feel hungry because of walking a lot, what a better way than to calm your hunger than eating a Cabrito (roast goat Kid), the most typical and representative dish of "La Sultana del Norte". Let me tell you the best places to enjoy it:

El Rey del Cabrito:

A recognized restaurant located in Monterrey is the ideal place to go to eay. If you are visiting the city en love meat, this is a "must do" place to try Monterrey's traditional food.


San Carlos:

Since 1980, this restaurant specializes in "Cabrito Al Pastor" (roast goat kid shepherd style) but is also perfect to taste a delicious grilled meat and many typical dishes of the region.

San Carlos

El Gran Pastor:

Another place highly recommended by the "Regios", where you can order Cabrito or grilled meat with their famous side dish "frijoles con veneno".

El Gran Pastor

If during your stay in Monterrey there's a soccer match, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy one of the best and most passionate fans of Mexican football: Tigres and Rayados.

Monterrey Stadium

With this small guide, your trip to Monterrey city will be much more pleasant with Grupo Senda.

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