Boletos de autobus

Boletos de autobús en México a diferentes ciudades, viaja con la mayor comodidad y seguridad a bordo de nuestros autobuses, que sin duda harán de tu viaje na experiencia única, adquiere tus boletos de autobús en línea de una manera muy sencilla, si necesitas ayuda sólo llámanos.

How much time do I have to board the bus?

We recommend 30 minutes before departure time, to avoid inconveniences,

Can I change date and time of the ticket?

You are entitled to a single change, as long as the travel date and time has not passed yet. Please visit us at any point of sale of Turimex or Grupo Senda, or call us at 01 800 890 9090 in Mexico, or 1 800 733 7330 from USA, to solve your case.

What if I lost my bus tickets?

You should call to our call center to help you, because the system does not allow re printing tickets for your own safety.

How can I process an invoice?

The ticket has printed on the back the tax voucher, valid to process invoices. If you buy an electronic ticket you have to go to a sales point counter to change it for a valid ticket to process your invoice before of the departure time of your trip.

How safe are the road trips by bus?

Currently the authorities have made efforts to keep the roads safe also for your safety, our units are being monitored constantly and our staff are trained to report and prevent any incidents on the trip.

Can I travel with pets on the bus?

For travel in Mexico, you can transport pets if they are in a cage with an adequate ventilation, sedated if necessary inside of the luggage section, is not allowed transporting exotic animals.

For travel to and from the United States, Is not allow the transportation of animals.

How much luggage can I bring?

You can take 2 baggages that don´t exceed 45 Kgs. and a hand bag of 25 kg as maximum. When bringing additional luggage, extra charges may apply.