Boletos de autobus

Boletos de autobús en México a diferentes ciudades, viaja con la mayor comodidad y seguridad a bordo de nuestros autobuses, que sin duda harán de tu viaje na experiencia única, adquiere tus boletos de autobús en línea de una manera muy sencilla, si necesitas ayuda sólo llámanos.

We provide traveler assistance from Assist Card Assist Card, an international travel assistance association which aims to provide medical, legal and personal assistance on emergency at the destination and back to the origin point of your trip*.

Assistance cover the following services:

-Emergency medical assistance in accidents and / or sudden illness, consisting of doctor visits, specialist care, complementary medical examinations, physical recovery therapy, medications, emergency dental services, hospital, quirurgical interventions, intensive care and coronary care unit among other.

-Hotel expenses during convalescence, transfer of a family on an emergency, ambulance transfers, transfer or repatriation of remains, Safe Passport in case of loss of passport when it is not located before leaving the country where the loss occurred.

-Medical, legal and administrative counseling services, among other.

For more information, call us: 1 800 874 2223 from US, 01 800 832 3255 from Mexico.

* Restrictions may apply. Valid on trips within Mexico and from USA to Mexico.